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Our quality standards

The training management with its instructors and training centres is subject to high quality and safety standards:

  • TÜV-certified quality management according to ISO 9001 of SYSTEM LIFT AG
  • Continuous testing of the 60 training centres through quality checks by SYSTEM LIFT AG
  • Unannounced training audits
  • Three-stage trainer education with learning preparation tests in advance of the trainer courses and three practical and three theoretical tests each. This learning development-related approach accompanies our trainers in their personal competence development and systematically enhances their experience
TÜV Nord Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001

Content of certification:

  • Training / Qualification of Trainers: Education of SYSTEM-CARD trainers according to SYSTEM LIFT standard, and validity of the certificate of qualification
  • Operator training: Conducting SYSTEM CARD training courses in compliance with the rules and regulations according to the mandatory minimum requirements for System Card training centres ("Agreement for the operation...")
  • Premises / Equipment: Availability of suitable training rooms and practical training facilities
  • Organization / Processing: Current and relevant forms are used, processing with the SYSTEM LIFT central

Each training centre follows the instruction manual "Agreement for the Operation of a Training Centre (mandatory minimum requirements)” which is administrated and updated centrally.

The SYSTEM-CARD quality policy of AVS SYSTEM LIFT AG

With security, in accordance to legal requirements, through quality to the market leadership:

The No.1 for aerial work platforms!

The association AVS System Lift AG operates the rental of work platforms, forklifts and cranes. Therefore, we offer our customers a product for rent, which is already safer in its handling than the usage of scaffolding or ladders.

Despite this there are dangers: Construction-related hazards, dangers in handling the equipment cannot be completely avoided.

We are committed to provide our customers with safe equipment and help them to handle it as safely as possible.

Our mission statement

We want to do our part to create a safe working environment. In terms of designing the safe handling of the equipment, we have decided to offer operator training, our SYSTEM-CARD.

The training system is regularly audited:

  • to achieve continuous improvements
  • to be able to meet changing requirements on the market
  • in order to integrate experiences

Simply secure

With certainty:
By distributing our operator training we are aiming to make the handling of the devices safer. Furthermore, we want to support the commercial tenant in fulfilling his obligation to instruct. We offer him such an instrument with the SYSTEM-CARD operator training. At the same time, we want to provide the operator with extensive knowledge about lifting platforms, forklifts and cranes. We also want to give the operator rules of behaviour for the safe handling of the equipment and train him comprehensively.

According to legal requirements:
Our aim is to offer training that goes beyond the legal standard and the specified ISO 18878 norm. The legal standard is based on the DGUV principle 308-008 "Training and commissioning of operators of aerial work platforms".

High standards

Through quality:
To maintain this level of quality, the training concept is systematically updated and detailed guidelines for its distribution are provided. In addition, there are specifications for the implementation of regular trainer workshops as well as operator training and invoicing to ensure a consistently high level.

The seal of quality for unproblematic work at height:
Through many years of practical experience and trained personnel we distinguish ourselves as height access experts for rental and training in height access technology.