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Telehandler rotable - STR160-4.0t-D

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Technical datas

Type:Merlo Roto 40.16 S
Lifting height max.:15,80 m
Capacity max.:4000 kg*
Horizontal reach:13,20 m
Load capacity at max. lifting height:2500 kg
Load capacity at max. range/reach:700 kg
Transport dimensions:6,28 x 2,24 m**
Machine height:3,03 m***
Weight:13000 kg
Dimensions for support min.:4,75 x 3,75 m
Inclination adjustment max. :+-4 °


Level adjustment:yes
Soot particle filter:yes
Support frames:yes
All-terrain mobility:yes
Transmission :Hydrostat with electric regulation (20 km/h)

Special features

Attachements optional:
+ Winch max. 3,6 t
+ Load hook: 4,0 t
+ Long forks: 2400 mm
+ Fork extensions: 2000 mm
+ Work basket foldable: 2,36 to 4,46 m
+ Remote control
+ Low-marking tires
* 4000 kg at 0.5m LSP, see diagram
**  Transport dimensions without attachment
*** height when lowered

Also with operating personnel on request

Attachment parts



Fork extensions

Jib with winch

Remote control

Forks 1,20 m


Platform 300 kg
Capacity max.:800 kg
Length:4,30 m
Width:0,85 m
Permissible number of people:3
Weigth:560 kg

Special lift
Capacity max.:200 kg
Length:1,26 m
Width:0,72 m
Permissible number of people:2
For areas that are difficult to access:Underground work of up to -9.6 m and reaching behind obstacles by up to 7.9 m are possible


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